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    Palms Sea Rapture

    Anyone used or owned a Palms Sea Rapture rod? Looking for a new PE4-5 stickbait rod and these look alright. They do a 7’8” PE5.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Palms Sea Rapture

    Or if anyone has advice on a good 7-8 foot PE4-5 stickbait rod around the $300-$400 mark.


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    Re: Palms Sea Rapture

    Mate have a serious look at the shimano grappler $350-390...
    Attachment 116708Fantastic rod imo I have the pe4 with a 6000 Stella and 42lb jigman braid
    recently landed a 30kg gt and about 50 15-20kg models awesome rod and can cast all day.
    i would recommend a 8000 size shimano or a 4500 Diana on the pe5 rod
    happy days ahead summer is coming

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    Re: Palms Sea Rapture

    Thanks mate I had thought about the grapplers. I will check them out. That’s great feedback. I have a 5000 Catalina - do you think a 5000 Daiwa Reel would be too big for the PE4 grappler? It’s same size Reel as a 4500 just a bigger soool. Cheers

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    Re: Palms Sea Rapture

    That would be a good size reel for this rod it will soon become your favourite setup 👌
    happy days ahead summer is coming

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    Re: Palms Sea Rapture

    Mate I had someone else tell me today the grappler rods are great so I just bought the 80M PE4 rod from a particular SNEAKY website for $280! They were advertised for $350 and have 20% off advertised prices at present. Pretty happy. Now to stretch its legs.

    Cheers thanks for the advice.

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