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    suzuki Impellers DF 70

    Hello All.
    I moved house recently and lost my log book with all my part numbers in it. I'm wishing to do my impellers I wish to know if Suzuki gearboxes have the same impeller housing and Kits from about 2000 onwards. This Question may seem strange because I should simply go by year of motors, but my motors are Evinrude (rebadged Suzuki) which have updated recondition gearboxes on them so unsure of exact age.
    the Shape of the gearbox is current but unsure if the impeller repair kit is the same all the way through.
    I'v done some research and from what I can gather so far is there is a change is impeller cup from 08 onwards. From a split cup to a solid cup. From memory My impeller cups are solid.
    Hoping to clarify without pulling it all apart and waiting for parts to turn up.

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    Re: suzuki Impellers DF 70

    This should help-



    I think that its likely that your Johnzuki falls in the first group, I think the relationship didnt go all that long before Johnson were discontinued.

    There should be some model and serial number on the bracket?

    You could also check here: looks like 2007 was the last of the Johnsons

    BTW I have bought parts from both those places with no dramas.
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