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    Heading to Fingal Heads, any tips?

    Hi folks,

    Taking family to fingal heads this weekend. I watched a youtube video about sharks cruising at the fingal beach. I was wondering if it would be safe to let kids playing water at fingal beach.

    I will try to fish on the rock around. Any suggestion please?

    I am not familiar with Fingal Heads area at all.

    Thank you very much.


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    Re: Heading to Fingal Heads, any tips?

    Be VERY CAREFUL on the wet, slippery rocks and DO NOT cross the Giants Causeway below the lighthouse, super dangerous even for the locals! Suggest you fish the gutters along the southern beaches using worms, pippies, pillies, slabs mullet fillet on 3 gang 5/0 hook rig using a surf rod and bigish sinkers. Very few tailor this time of year but chase bream, dart, occasional flatty or whiting on local sea worms from bait shop! You can also drive North to the Sand Pumping Jetty and fight the crowds for a spot to chuck in. Forget the Tweed River, fished out decades ago! Enjoy the great beaches, forget the sharks, should be Lifesavers there, if not stay in close!

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    Re: Heading to Fingal Heads, any tips?

    Hi ThePinkPanther,

    Thank you very much for your kind reply. No, I didn't plan to risk my life for fish...:-).

    As for the send pumping jetty, I heard that it's locked and restricted for the public. Was it open to the public lately?

    I will bring my rock fishing boots and stay safe on the lower rocks. won't dare to try crossing causeway.



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    Re: Heading to Fingal Heads, any tips?

    @ Rhe Pink Panther,

    I have noticed some people have crossed over the Giants Grave, one of them might have been "Mullet Muskateer", only crossed on low tide, no swell and use boots with cleats. As you said, can be a dangerous platform to fish from even for those fully prepared.

    Carl Chao,

    No mate, you cant fish from the sand pumping jetty at Tweed Heads, its not opened to the public. It has never been open to the public, maybe at some future point when it may.

    Good tailor can be caught from the spot you're going to.


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    Re: Heading to Fingal Heads, any tips?

    Thank you very much, bondy99.

    Been to Fingal Heads. It seemed no one got luck last Saturday at there. There were 8 anglers when I just arrived. After a while, they all left. I assumed they did not get much luck. I tried it too with my light gear. Caught and released two little cods. Once a big fish chopped my line off. Eventually went back empty handed. :-)

    Still a good fishing spot as fish were quite active. might come back one day.

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    Re: Heading to Fingal Heads, any tips?

    Carl Chao,

    Yes, it's a nice spot but also hit and miss, need to be there just before the sun comes over the horizon and then for an hour after sunrise. On rainy and stormy days couple of locations down near Byron Bay can be good for jewfish. Hope you have better fortune next time.

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