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Thread: Cleaning squid

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    Cleaning squid

    Hi Ausfishers

    Has anyone tried the Squidezy tool for cleaning squid? It looks simple enough, but not sure if it would work. I was planning to try for some calamari off Werribee this weekend and assuming off course that I will catch some squid

    Thanks for any feedback in advance. SS

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    Re: Cleaning squid

    They work a treat, I have used one lots of times, I'm too stingy to buy my own so I just clean them as usual, unless I am with my mate, he has one in his boat.

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    Re: Cleaning squid

    Never tried one but a coat hanger with a tight coil on the end for turning the tubes inside out speeds up the process substantially. Unless you just slick into strips of course.

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    Re: Cleaning squid

    I saw a show recently where a scaling bag similar to what I use for winter whiting worked. The guys pulled the head off the squid and cut a slice off the top so water could flow straight through whilst being towed in the bag (in theory). I haven't tried it myself but might give it a go.

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    Re: Cleaning squid

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