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    Fun with the Mrs

    It's not often I get to take my wife out for a fish - she is not really a fan of anything other than flat calm conditions but luckily the forecast this morning saw her keen to head out for a run on the bay. We got to Manly at around 5 to join the queue at the boat ramp since the ramp nearest Lota is still closed ( what the hell are they doing?) but we out on the water by 5.30 as everyone seemed to have a clue how to use a boat ramp properly - may have been different a little later though I imagine judging by the number of cars in the carpark.

    20 minutes later we are at our fishing spot after a not bad run out and we are straight onto a nice little 38cm Squire for the pan and she is pretty happy. Things got interesting and a bit more fun after that as a large baitball tried to hide around our boat as it was being chased by Mackeral. It was an awesome site to see with thousands of small fish crowded around the boat and the predators lunging in for the attack. At that point, I swapped her over to a slug and she had a great time catching quite a few smaller School Mackeral, with the odd legal one thrown in. I hooked up a 85cm Spottie on a slug which was fun on 10lb gear but eventually got him in.

    The wife caught a huge toadfish as well and whilst we are dealing with that, the baitrunner screams off we have a nice fight with a 60cm Snapper that took the floating Pilchard. Good result for this time of the year, the SNapper are around it's just a matter of timing and luck I guess. It was pretty amazing seeing all the weekend guys fishing heavy and pulling up massive Toadies all over the place, the boat next to us even had a double hookup on them, not sure why there are so many around at the moment.

    The baitball moved away and things went a little quiet though we were consistently catching a mixture of Grassies, Bream, and Snapper to keep us entertained. I put the Sabikii down and got a nice size Herring that went out on a big rod under a balloon to see what happened. Nothing for an hour but then a massive hit and a good fight with a bigger Spottie that we finally boated and put in the esky.

    Next up the Mrs got a slightly bigger Squire and a 55cm Flathead for something different and her next cast got taken so hard it nearly ripped the rod out of her hands. Whatever took her bait was not stopping or going to be stopped on 15lb and within the space of 10 seconds, the backing was showing through 150 meters of braid so there was no choice but to tighten up and bust off in the hope of saving the line. All ended well and it was fun to watch the power of whatever took the bait,

    We called it quits just before lunch with a good tally of 3 Snapper, 4 Schoolies, 2 Spotties and a Flathead. Back at the ramp it was anotehr lengthy wait but most people did the right things and we were home by early afternoon,

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    Re: Fun with the Mrs

    Happy days. A great day out. It shouldn't be as hard to get her out next good weather day.

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    Re: Fun with the Mrs

    Sounds like a great morning out well done.

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