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    Axiom pro, HOT PRICES

    Ouch, the new Axiom 9 pro have a scorching price ! Nealy double the price of the normal Axiom 9.! Come on Moose, give us the run down. I am more interested in insight mapping than the price, but at double, the Lowrance is now a good buy, lol.

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    Re: Axiom pro, HOT PRICES

    lol. Yeah ive heard that a few times. and there is all sorts of reasons.
    If you are after just a decent unit for GPS then there are plenty of other choices. The Axiom is a fine system for that use. similar processing power etc. where the Pro steps up is in build quality and sonar performance. That old saying is true with marine electronics, you do get what you pay for "especially with build quality" but there is nothing wrong with any of the price spectrum. the new lowrance HOOK 2 or Garmin striker Pro are both fine and groovy units. they are designed to be a certain level to mantain a certain price point. the Axiom pro "like the new NSO EVO3 from simrad" are designed to be higher up on the food chain. "new NSO EVO3 24 Is $17000"

    Hope that helps somewhat.

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    Re: Axiom pro, HOT PRICES

    Will be able to give youse a feedback or personal review of the Hook 2 after i get its feet wet lol , just finished fitting one to the recent tinny..Just need to get familliar with its settings which dont seem too hard , just need to be able to put your finger on each one when needed without running into a log or bank ...
    Little dissapointed with Lowrance that you have to pay for your screen cover now where all screen covers were part of the unit when purchased , guess they have to recoup some of their $$ for said entry level unit costs lol...
    Like Moose sez , ya get what ya pay for ..

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    Re: Axiom pro, HOT PRICES

    I am more interested in insight mapping as where i will be boat, there isnt any real mapping going on. The Lowrance carbon 9 has this feature. The Axiom 9 doesnt but it has gyro stablalised 3d. The Axiom pro9 does have insight mapping enabled. You can see why I Question the doubling in price for this " extra feature" I desire.
    sure you can argue all you want about quality and hence price doubling, but it doesnt sell me. We are not comparing bottom of the barrel to top notch here. Both are on a similar level in my usage.
    that old get what you pay argument begs the question, am i buying second grade? Obviously its not that black and white. The cpus that intel sells are graded and sold accordingly to how they match specifications so i am not a purist as i did buy an i5 recently.
    the only redeeming fact is that my plans are now 6 months behind and so may wait another 6 months for the next " Carbon, Pro or megafugtoxicpinacle" labeled update.

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