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nice boat

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    Hydraulic steering

    Another thread about hydraulic steering has had me looking. Wow some of the pricing.
    However I found a Chines factory that does a kit for about 1/3 the price , landed in Australia.
    I noted that there were some reviews from Australia,although very short in the description.
    Any one out there had any experience with the Chinese ones?

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    Re: Hydraulic steering

    Throw a brand up mate. Generic word “Chinese” not so definitive as many big names will still have components made there. I have hydraulic and have already replaced quality helm and slave components with other brand quality helm/slave items due to bad leakage. I would always stick with the best you can get. Just my 0 .54 c worth. If not then get good quality oars.

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    Re: Hydraulic steering

    From a company called XM-fudu.

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    Re: Hydraulic steering
    is this the one? Price is per 1000 order+freight. Have you found a price for single unit?

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    Re: Hydraulic steering

    I certainly wouldnt be the first to buy one. I would wait for another bunny before laying down my money.

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    Re: Hydraulic steering

    Go to Alibaba, single units around $ 300 plus freight. Can buy single. Many have been sold Andy56, including Australians.

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