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    Dolphin fish roe really stinks!

    Gday all havenít posted for years..been catching a few Pelagics off the tweed and got a female (cow) Dollie the other day measuring 1150 mm. Have caught quite a few the same over the years but this one was in full roe and there was a Good handfull or 2 of very rank smelling grey matter before the roe. Iím talking 50 flies buzzing around it by the time I knocked the first fillet off. The frame and guts have been in a garbage bag in the deep freeze now for 2 days and the freezer still reeks of it! Has anyone seen this before and knows what it is? it didnít affect the flesh it still tasted the same last night and about to cook some more now.
    Also has anyone ever eaten the roe?

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    Re: Dolphin fish roe really stinks!

    Don't think it is the actual roe that stinks, sounds like it may have been something it has eaten and the stomach lining has been punctured during cleaning possibly?

    I have never eaten roe from other fish but love mullet roe, it has crossed my mind a few times and can't see any reason why you couldn't..

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