nice boat

nice boat

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Thread: The kevlacat

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    The kevlacat

    Made the change and bit the bullet , turned the page after reaching into my long pockets and got myself a classic older 6.2 kevlacat. I am impressed with the way it eats up the sea in the NT. Keep on Keepin on Rolfie

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    Re: The kevlacat


    Only half a story without pics

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    Re: The kevlacat

    Congratulations Rolfie

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    Re: The kevlacat

    Hey rolfie what boat did u have before the kc mate

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    Re: The kevlacat

    Pics please

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    Re: The kevlacat

    Just back from a trip to rotto in my 2400 KC, southerly was blowing and my 3 year old little girl slept the 35kms in the cab. Happy days, love my Kevlacat. Enjoy Rolfie, show us some pics!

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