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    Lake Monduran - Help freshwater newbie


    I am off to Lake Monduran this weekend to chase some barra.

    Are you able to give me any hints or time or locations on where to fish as I have never fished fresh water before.


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    Lake Monduran - Help freshwater newbie

    Hey mate, as usual it's early morning or late arvo into the night. I have found daylight till around 9am and then around 3pm till late. Like any fishing we all have different experiences and opinions. It depends greatly on weather conditions and environmental influences. My experience has shown that I prefer to stay out of the midday sun and have a snooze at camp, it's really not worth being on the water in my experience, others will probably dis agree but that's fishing. Study your sounder and find where they are holding. They usually rise up the water column and start feeding late arvo into night. Unfortunately it's usually hundreds of casts between fish but the casts are soon forgotten when you land a monster fish. It's easy to waste a lot of time driving around to find the "magic spot" but use your sounder to locate fish and just hammer the hell out of it. I have got some big fish night trolling the main basin not far from the dam wall or casting grassy banks and deep points. Also around the timber (heaps of it) with some slick rigs or hollow bodies etc.
    Hope that helps a little.

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    Re: Lake Monduran - Help freshwater newbie

    Thanks heaps for the info

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    Re: Lake Monduran - Help freshwater newbie

    Never fished Monduran, only Awoonga but we did find in the heat of summer the fish will go deep as the water warms up. On the water before daybreak, after about 9 go trolling till about 11. The thermocline at Awoonga would sit at about 7-8 metres once it warmed up and you could see the fish on the sounder sitting just under it. By using things like Halco Crazy deeps a long way behind the boat they could sometimes be tempted. No lure is too big.
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    Re: Lake Monduran - Help freshwater newbie

    Mondy is not an easy place to fish for a Newby & even the best fishoes struggle ...... but dont let that deter you.
    Make sure you call into Foxies at Gin Gin .... I'm sure John will steer you in the right direction. (you can buy a map of the lake)
    As navigation through the timber is an issue - it's probably best to concentrate in places like bird bay , Rainforest bay

    My approach is always to use the prevailing conditions ...... if you find where the wind has been blowing into - that's the area to start . Look for points near to deep water (old creek beds) .... & cast those places with soft plastics & hard bodies . ..... during the lower light periods the fish will move into the shallows to feed . Also look for the birds .... they indicate bait & bait means barra

    I totally disagree on the notion that the place only fishes in lower light periods .... some of our best fishing has occurred throughout the day if conditions prevail ( a warm wind blowing or overcast conditions) - It's a right place & time kind of thing . That said with a lot of the bigger fish gone your efforts will probably need to concentrate on shaded areas that offer protection for the smaller fish ( lilly pads , lantana in the deeper narrow bays)

    If you dont have an electric motor - impoundment barra fisging is a challenge ...... then it will be a case of sounding the fish in creek beds bays etc & trolling

    Best of luck with it

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    Re: Lake Monduran - Help freshwater newbie

    No luck so far. How fast would you troll

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    Re: Lake Monduran - Help freshwater newbie

    We used to go just in gear.
    "I soak the worms in rum. The fish love em and the worms die happy"
    "Alcohol is not the solution to your problems...................but then again, neither is milk"

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