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    Any whiting reports in the Rous


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    Re: Whiting

    Hey mate, I love chasing whiting on our local beach & estuary system. Check out this post for some tips. HOW TO CATCH WHITING
    Happy Fishing :)

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    Re: Whiting

    I have been fishing the Rous for over 25 years and never seen it as erratic or as bad as it is lately!

    I've got over 20 Spot X's that "used to produce" good hauls of whiting but nowadays it is real hit and miss!

    I was out last Saturday, tried every spot I could think of, including the Fisherman's Gutter, on a great run in tide, fresh strips of squid tube - can't afford worms any more - and after five hours fishing came home with eight miserable whiting!

    Over twenty other boats were charging all over the place but they soon gave it away and the Rous was pretty well empty of fishermen by late morning!

    To me, it always fishes better in winter than summer! No idea why but on weekends there are so many boats thundering around the place that being a whiting must be a frightening life!

    Probably the northern edge of the Fisherman's Gutter about 6-8 boat lengths off the shallow sandbar is as good as any, If you look down towards South Straddy you will see a very significant sand patch half way up the mountain range, it sits directly under a very obvious lone mountain, once you see it you will recognize it immediately!

    Good luck!

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