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    2-1-1 at Cape Moreton today

    Put the lures out at about 5 am just off Cape Moreton. Glamour conditions with small swell, almost no wind and warm blue water. I found excellent bait soon afterwards - big tight schools high in the water with holes - and was expecting to get hit but it just didn't happen. Spent about 40 minutes in that area before I went further NE past Smiths and wide of Flinders. More bait there with lots of schools of small tuna on the surface. Again I was just expecting to hear the drag scream as I went past but nothing. Chat on VHF 21 seemed to be the same from Moreton to Caloundra - lots of bait but no fish. Heaps of boats out being good weather Sunday and a game comp out of Bribie Island as well. About 8 am started chat of the odd fish on the radio - mostly dollies with just a handful of blacks and a stripe. I went all the way up North of Hutchies then zigzagging back South in 50 to 85 m. Had a hit from a dollie of about 6 kg SE of Flinders that didn't connect about 9 am. Came back in towards the Cape and the bait I had found earlier was still there with only a couple of other boats in the area. Again no hits after a good half hour so I started heading East again when I finally had that hit and saw a little black jump. It took a little slant face polu-kai in lumo in the shotgun position and gave an excellent fight jumping and running fast. I had some issues with my outboard stalling at low revs, and had difficulty starting it, so I was working on getting the outboard running while I was fighting the fish. Fortunately it didn't run at the boat or circle the boat and I managed to get going again after a good 5 minutes. Went back to Bribie after that in case the outboard got worse, but I had no trouble starting it and it idled fine back at the ramp and again at home.
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    Re: 2-1-1 at Cape Moreton today

    Good stuff mate sounds like hard work though. How does the score card work 2-1-1? Also do you know the flag thing?

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    Re: 2-1-1 at Cape Moreton today

    2-1-1 means 2 strikes, 1 hookup and 1 landed. Don't know about the flags.

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    Re: 2-1-1 at Cape Moreton today

    sweet thanks for that

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    Re: 2-1-1 at Cape Moreton today

    Nice work Jeremy, looks a good size!


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    Re: 2-1-1 at Cape Moreton today

    if you are asking bout tag flags they are flown on way in to let others know how many fish you marlin flag for for for t flag for each fish...rick

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