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Thread: Teaser talk.

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    Teaser talk.

    Hi guys, I'm looking to do some trolling this summer and thought I'd get some advice on setting up my teasers.
    I'll be trolling a spread of three lures/skirts. Two out of outrigger rod holders and one out the back. I have two sets of 3 reflective prisms and one bird teaser. Should I run 6 prisms in a row with the bird behind??
    What do you experienced trollers suggest?

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    Re: Teaser talk.

    Off topic to start - three rods and a teaser is about right for solo. Two rods out of rod riggers and one flat line straight down the middle works well. I always try to get the other lines and teaser in before I pick up the rod with a fish and it can take almost a minute, all the while losing line. You just hope there are no other boats close by which might run over the line. Don't be afraid to run the short corner close. I run mine on the second wave back - about 7-8 m and just behind the teaser. Works well. Another tip - always run a pink lure!

    I have never used surface teasers. I currently run a bowling pin teaser with two big skirts behind it. Swims well with flashes and colour and costs less than $50 off ebay. Cheap and effective version of the witchdoctor.

    As to your specific question - not sure on that one

    Good luck and I look forward to your reports!

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