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nice boat

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    Reel suggestions

    I have a new Live Fibre Texalium overhead rod.

    What are suggestions for a good reel to match for some light trolling, the occasional jigging, some live baiting and general all round work.

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    Re: Reel suggestions

    TLD20 or 25 is a good all round reel.
    It's not too big and heavy and it won't break the bank.
    How heavy is the rod?

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    Re: Reel suggestions

    Take it with you to a decent tackle shop and try a few. Tell them your budget and what you want to do they will do the rest.
    That said I have a TLD20 on a 10-20kg(I think)live fibre texalium and itís good for trolling and floating live bait. Not planning on jigging with it or bottom bashing much better options for such jobs.
    For a reliable setup thatís strong and reliable requiring little to no maintenance TLDís take some beating.

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    Reel suggestions

    Hard to say with no line rating for the rob but a Tyrnos 20 would be hard to beat for the value.

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    Re: Reel suggestions

    Itís 10 - 15 kg rated

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    Re: Reel suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by shakey55 View Post
    Itís 10 - 15 kg rated

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    I would drop back to a Tyrnos 12. Lighter and more compact than the 20 but still plenty of line capacity. I use a 20 on my 12 to 24kg and a Tyrnos 12 on the 10 to 15kg. Beautiful reel for the money. I also have a Tyrnos 8. Heaps better than the old TLD's in my opinion.

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