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nice boat

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    Cleaning Boat Carpet

    Tad stained all over and wanted best method/cleaner pep it up a tad ??..

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    Re: Cleaning Boat Carpet

    If the carpet is good, and well glued down, a Gernie works well with a bit of car wash, BUT if the carpet is worn or old, a Gernie will leave you with nothing but the backing, or bare floor!

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    Re: Cleaning Boat Carpet

    I have used a Vax ( wet vacuum) on glued down carpet with success. I made up a reasonably strong batch of Truckwash detergent in water, spread it all around, hosed it in a bit, then got to work with the vax. I did that every year, no matter how careful you are, you always end up with some blood and bait in there.

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    Re: Cleaning Boat Carpet

    I use Vanish on my cruiser carpets with a brush - brings them up like new.....and you probably already have it in your laundry cupboard.

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