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    banksia beach boat ramp

    Has anyone ever used the small boat ramp at banksia beach on Bribie Island?

    I just bought a small 4.2m quintrex and although I have reversed box trailers ect before I have not specifically used a boat ramp before. There is a small ramp at banksia beach. However, if my memory serves me well you have to reverse down onto the actual beach to launch the boat (not a problem as I've got a land cruiser). Im hoping to use it as it should be nice and quiet and i'll have somewhere to practice without an audience or the stress of people standing around waiting for me to get out of the way.

    Im just wondering if anyone can confirm that the ramp is still there and that you can still just reverse down onto the sand.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: banksia beach boat ramp

    I’ve used it years ago, and yes you have to drive onto the beach to launch. Also from memory there’s no trailer parking so you just have to find somewhere on the streets nearby. A guy who hired out kayaks used to be set up there and sometimes could make life a bit difficult by leaving his trailer in the way. Not sure if he’s still there. The ramp near the Vmr would be my choice. If you can get there on a week day it shouldn’t be to busy.

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    Re: banksia beach boat ramp

    Yeah the boat ramp at Banksia Beach is for launching pretty small vessels, and unless it's a high tide, you have to negotiate sand. It's popular with yakkers and the odd tinny, but as fishizzle says there's no great parking for trailers like a proper ramp, you usually end up having to park along the road. That's not a huge deal unless it's a busy weekend when a lot of people picnic on the foreshore and then parking is a nightmare. Personally I just use the Spinnaker marina ramp, it's huge, plenty of parking (though it still overflows) and it's safe and no current. And it's almost a stones throw from Banksia Beach on the other side. I'm not a great reverser by any means, but I've never had ramp rage or felt rushed there as long as you don't go there in peak times. Weekdays you're lucky to see a handful of people if that. Just remember to turn the top of the wheel towards the side you see more of your boat in your wing mirror to keep her going straight(ish) back the smaller the trailer the harder it is >< Good luck

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