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    Second Hand speargun

    G'day fellow spearos,

    I managed to buy a speargun from cash convertors few days ago, it was originally marked at $120.00 and priced down to $58.00. Only needs a new rubber.

    The speargun is a Rabitech StealthPro GoPro

    Does any one know if they are a good speargun?

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    Re: Second Hand speargun

    Hi Bondy

    In your hunt for rubbers did you happen to come across any that would fit a Champian screw in double set up.
    Had the gun for years but the rubbers are no more.


    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: Second Hand speargun

    Hi Chimo,

    No not as yet but I am going to Adrenalin Spearfishing Supplies in Woolloongabba on 16th January. They have a selection of rubbers and sizes, also cut to length types. Might be the only option hey?


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