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    Pin area by night

    In the quest of spending more time on the water the best chance for me getting out for more than a couple of hours is to go over night. With the weather in SEQ being as good as it has that restricts locations a bit.

    So Iím thinking I might have a crack at the pin area overnight this Friday. Is it worth my while or are there better places to hide from the wind and have a chance to catch something?

    My most common trip will be on water by 3-4 of a Friday and back at the ramp around 11 on the Saturday. The location is the part I struggle with live in ipswich so not much is convenient. Open to suggestions.

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    Re: Pin area by night

    I have a similar time restraint , so I opt for the Fri Night fish as well .

    I live at Fernvale , so I usually take the boat to work on a Friday & leave straight from work ( try to score an early mark when ever possible )

    Depending on wind direction / strength I would either head to the Pin OR the Port ( the port seams to be the preferred option of late )

    Failing that I look at the fresh water option ( which I have done a fair bot of late ) Wivenhoe Or the upper reaches of the river below the dam .( usually a early Sat morning start )

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