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    Live Fibre Overhead Texalium Rods

    Iím considering buying a Live Fibre Overhead Rod (RLFTX16).

    Does anyone here use one and if so what are your thoughts, good or bad.

    If I do buy, I will then need a suitable overhead reel - suggestions.

    I intend using it for light trolling, live baiting etc.

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    Re: Live Fibre Overhead Texalium Rods

    I've got a number of texaliums but not that exact model with the closest I think being RLFTXSA16 which is the 6'6 8-30kg version. I use it mainly it for bottom bashing but also for light trolling though it's a bit soft up top.

    I also use a few 8-15kg 7ft versions for bottom bashing and sometimes also use them for light trolling with no dramas.

    The rlftx16 i think is the 10-15kg version and should be just a bit stiffer up the top and softer in the butt.

    They're one of the best rods going and you won't be disappointed. The texalium is another level on the normal live fibre in my opinion.

    I'm running talica 16's which are solid but light weight and I reckon make a great fish stoping combo that's easy to hang into!



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