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nice boat

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    Would love some guidance

    Hey all,

    So it looks like we are going to have our first crack at going coastal in our boat, and so I thought we would take small steps and stay close and be safe. I have been told there is some good action to have along the coast around Kiama, NSW. Near the lighthouse and blow hole etc. Anyone have any experience here?

    I don't want to bite off more than we can chew, and so this area might be the ideal location to move in this direction. Happy for you to offer up some advice,


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    Re: Would love some guidance

    From the ramp to the Lighthouse at Kiama would only be about 200m so, close to shore, there is some pretty deep water right at the rocks, and it does attract quite a lot of decent fish in close, and is popular with the land based game fishing guys, it is a pretty choppy place, because the rocks are very steep, and the swell bounces off them making lots of backwash.

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    Re: Would love some guidance

    There are some good options for a newby down south ...... Port Kembla (fish around the islands) or Shell harbour - both have good safe launching and quite good fishing nearby

    On a personal note - I would go to these two locations before Kiama - as Nolem mentioned Kiama can be a bit tricky around the blowhole Point ..... and most of the better fishing happens a bit further out .

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    Re: Would love some guidance

    As our friends have said , lots of spots around close , and I mean close to Kiama Harbour..500m out is deep water..with scattered small reefs..but care is needed around the cliffs ..and I believe the FAD is closer to shore there than any other..( take some pillies) Rob.

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    Re: Would love some guidance

    The FAD is pretty close to Kiama, but the Port Kembla FAD is also close to Port Kembla ramp, lots of safe options around here for the "tourist" fisherman.

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