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    Fishing Cooktown January

    Hi Guys,
    I am thinking about taking the missus up to Cooktown about 2nd week in January
    Weather permitting that is, has anybody gone up there fishing at this time of the year I know it is risky but have heard good reports.
    We have a 5.35 Allycraft Centre Console115 Yamaha
    Any marks to try and start off with.

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    Re: Fishing Cooktown January

    Garry, The SE Trade winds blow fairly consistently that time of year, you might be better off going on a charter

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    Re: Fishing Cooktown January

    Fishing is amazing in Cooktown over summer. I rekon Jan-April is best as your more likely to get good weather.
    Trade winds mostly blow April-nov.

    What species do you want to target.? You don't need Gps marks off Cooktown. Just a bit of common sense.
    I've fished a lot around that area. If you get good weather run wide to the ribbon reef for monster coral trout throat,bass. Just be clever in how you target them.

    Drive along a reef drop off and watch for bait showers then throw a popper in for gt's etc.

    Sound around the 30m mark inside the reef for nannygai. Rocky headlands for fingermark and jack.

    Big tip is don't go straight to the closest reef off Cooktown. Make your boat super safe and head a smidge wider or spend a bit of time sounding the deeper water for good shows. Don't just plonk a bait ontop of a bommie as this isn't overly productive.

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