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    Fly Lines for wind

    Having now been firmly bitten by the Bonefish bug after going to Kiribati in July I am now planning the first year of my semi retirement dealing with this serious addiction. As a "mug" fly fisherman I learnt a lot in a hurry and am looking at Andros in March before going back to Kiribati in July again. Seems like Bahama bonefish are much bigger on average and it maybe is not quiet as windy (all the time like CXI). Rio Bonefish quickshooter and using line 1 weight above the rod class seems to get a fair bit of recommendation, particularly for casting under 40 feet and in the wind. Any views?

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    Re: Fly Lines for wind

    What about a scientific angler bone fish taper they have a longer bell,with your leader and the longer belly you will just have the rear taper in your have when casting short distances into the wind.

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    Re: Fly Lines for wind

    Had a shot yesterday with a 9 weight Rio Bonefish quickshooter on an 8 weight Sage. Really got away a quick cast tp about 40 feet with 1 backcast but did find when trying to do long casts the line was hiting the water on my back cast. Conditions were pretty much windless. I will try the same line on an 8 weight Loop next time out searching for the elusive Whitsunday Bones/.

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