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    Re: DIY Small Pod 25-30hp

    Yeah i was worried a good portion of the transom mounts may have been above the existing SS transom supports but once i picked up the honda the mounts are massive compared to the smaller 25-30hp motors i have so it should be ok

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    Re: DIY Small Pod 25-30hp

    Just got quoted on the aluminium plate 800x400x8mm $77 i was thinking of cutting the plate in 400x400mm one for inside one for outside but if the aluminium is this cheap should i run a big plate right across the rear of the transom and motor cut out?

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    Re: DIY Small Pod 25-30hp

    go with what ever looks the best. will you weld it?

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    Re: DIY Small Pod 25-30hp

    I can't weld 8mm thickness on this mass of aluminium i only have a 150amp spool gun welder so its only good for around 4-5mm max thickness if i was to use the blow torch to pre heat it i may warp the plate that is if i go for the full plate across the outboard cut out

    if i was to weld the 40x40cm front and back plates to the raiser SHS 40mm i may getaway with it than weld in side plates on each side but i think it would not look to great although i think i could paint it to blend in with the rest of the boat

    i was to bolt it all on than if the Honda was too heavy i could always remove the bolted on plate weld up the holes sell the motor and buy a 50hp 2 stroke short shaft

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    Re: DIY Small Pod 25-30hp

    I think this seems like the best option as pictured

    black line: existing hull outline
    red and orange (i am going blind): is the 8mm plate outline
    yellow: is a solid billet of aluminium (instead of using SHS tubing) it wont crush
    blue line: the transom fill in probably 4mm sheet

    i will try see how much it will cost to have the top of the 8mm plates and the billet block of aluminum TIG welded together, being 8mm plate and the billet being 125x400x45mm its out of my capabilities to weld and would look tidier professionally welded, i can TIG aluminum not the best and i most defiantly don't want to lose the Honda

    forgot to add i will bolt it on using the 4 outboard mounting bolts
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