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Thread: i'm hooked

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    i'm hooked

    Hi all,

    I have been reading a bunch of stuff on these forums about boating and fishing, so thought I getter sign up and get involved.

    I grew up messing around in a small quiny with my brothers, and have not had that boat for about 10 years. So eventually realised that something was missing, and started looking at getting a fishing boat again.

    I have recently bought a 6m fibreglass boat for fishing and other recreational fun. Very much keen on getting just outside the heads of Sydney, as well as visiting places up and down the eastern coast with the new boat.


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    Re: i'm hooked

    Hi Stoodio, welcome to the site. You will find a goldmine of information and advice here on Ausfish. The site is mainly QLD based but even cockroaches are most welcome here ( I'm one myself but I barrack for the toads in state of origin) so welcome aboard and we will look forward to reading some posts from you.

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