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Thread: Scaling Whiting

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    Re: Scaling Whiting

    Quote Originally Posted by Moonlighter View Post
    Been using a scaling bag for winter/diver whiting for decades. Works a treat.

    Done properly the fish is undamaged and completely scaled.

    Make sure you get a strong small-mesh bag.

    I put 20-30 whiting in, head first, at a time. 40 would be the absolute max. Then fold the top of the bag over and tie with the tow rope carefully, using several half hitches. I put the rope thru the top loops on the bag and tie it, then when the fish are loaded in, fold the top over about 150mm and then do the half hitches. If you dont do this, the whiting will bounce forward and fall out of the top of the bag.

    Tie off to a stern corner cleat and have your deckie watch it carefully.

    I tow the bag so it bounces along the front of the V wake behind the boat, at 20-25km/hr. About 1.5 minutes is a good time, add a bit more for larger lots, but no more than 2 minutes. I time it on my watch because guessing leads to either underscaled or beheaded fish LOL! And you will be surprised how long 90 seconds is and how far you go!
    I put all mine in at once weather it's 30 or a 100 and never had any issues. Just don't over do the towing.

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    Re: Scaling Whiting

    There's a old saying for that been around for years,

    "Dont put all your eggs in one basket".

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    Re: Scaling Whiting

    The float on the bag as per the earlier vid is the go and what I do now after learning the hard way

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    Re: Scaling Whiting

    I agree with Moonlighter. I've been scaling whiting like this since dad bought me my first tinny at 13 years old. Never had an issue with it. I use a swivel these days but it's not needed and never used a float. Works perfectly. I usually just give them about a minute, rarely more. As long as they're tumbling in the wake that's all you need.

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    Re: Scaling Whiting

    I saw a video of someone scaling fish with a gernie it would be alright if you were making fish cakes.

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    Re: Scaling Whiting

    The gurney & Miele washing machine idea sound legit ....
    I do believe you can actually purchase electronic scaling machine from fish some mongers or online.

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    Re: Scaling Whiting

    This reminded me of a video I saw where a guy was using a beater from a mix master in a cordless drill to scale a snapper I think it was.

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    Re: Scaling Whiting

    There is an art to it!

    Firstly replace the stupid little green cord that closes up the bag as it will bust off and bye bye fish! Use some decent nylon rope!

    The trick is to get the boat "just on the plane" but where you have an obvious bow wave reasonably close in to your boat!

    Now lower the scaler bag in GENTLY and tie it off so it is kind of sliding up the side of the bow wave but DON'T let it get in the main wash as the fish will be thrashed to bits there!

    If it starts leaping in and out of the water (you're going too fast!) then you will rip not only the scales off but bruise and batter the fish as well, often tearing chunks out of them!

    And DO NOT load the bag chock a block with fish, depending on size, around a dozen is enough! Better to do it several times rather then stuff them all in and have minced whiting!

    And NOT TOO FAST! Just enough to get the above bow wave and that is all you need!

    About 5 Minutes is usually more than enough!

    Another method is take them home, let them stiffen a bit and holding the whiting-tail-towards-you in the palm of your hand, use a hose and simply hose them off! If you try this while they are all sort of loose and floppy it is too difficult, let them sit in some water in the shade for half an hour or so before you attack them!

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