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nice boat

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    Nerang River Trifecta

    The Nerang River has been fishing very well of late for the kids. Despite it's reputation as a boat based location, it does consistently produce good quality land based fish. There are no secret spots, all the little parks that we have fished have produced fish over the last couple of years. The overriding factor for me these days in choosing a fishing location is the quality and diversity of the playground equipment. This helps keep the kids occupied if the fish are a bit slow.

    We have now gone their three weekends in a row, and using live worms and yabbies we have got some good quality fish each time. Whiting to 37cm, some solid tarwhine and some very nice grunter bream. Like many locations, one of the keys is to make sure you the right sinker size.

    You can consistently catch good quality fish land based and in the middle of the day on weekends at many locations in Moreton Bay, and this type of fishing is ideal for small children.

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    Re: Nerang River Trifecta

    Awesome stuff- thank you and the team for sharing the clips- great times.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Nerang River Trifecta

    Great job well done.

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    Re: Nerang River Trifecta

    Max & Eva are becoming fishing gurus. Good work Daryl. They will remember these good times ,fishing with Dad, all their lives
    Not all tools are usefull

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    Re: Nerang River Trifecta

    Thanks guys. Eva and Max love their land based fishing and consistently produce good catches and have been doing so since they were two. They dispel the myth that you need a boat and the latest and greatest electronic gadget and NASA engineered braided line to catch a fish in Moreton Bay. You just need to keep it simple.

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