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    Pine River - First trip advice

    Hi all

    Iím looking at heading to Pine River for the first time this weekend, so just after some general advice. Which is the best boat ramp to use (Iím coming from the Southside, 2WD car, 4m boat). Are there any rock / sand bars I need to be wary of?

    Any other tips welcome of course 👍🏼


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    Re: Pine River - First trip advice

    Take a book.

    Nah, seriously, good luck. I'd love to hear a report from the Pine.

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    Re: Pine River - First trip advice

    Oh, deep water bend ramp is fine. Some parts are very shallow as you head out towards the bridge

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    Re: Pine River - First trip advice

    Deepwater Bend ramp is good to use, quite a few break ins at night though.
    Dohles Rocks ramp is good as well and a bit safer for the car.
    other ramps well upstream you need local knowledge on the gravel bars to navigate.

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    Re: Pine River - First trip advice

    Yeah deep water bend. Heaps of sand bars in the pine. Just be careful and use the channel. Should be ok

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    Re: Pine River - First trip advice

    Be very careful if travelling at low tide this week end as the are very low! .15 or something to be exact so you will hit the rock bars just north of dohles rocks ramp! other then that most places are fine but just be weary at low tide.
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    Re: Pine River - First trip advice

    Don't blindly trust the channel markers at the Dohles Rocks bend at low tides. Use your eyes. The rocks are permanent but the sandbars move.

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    Re: Pine River - First trip advice

    Fish the pine all the time the only sand bank you need to worry about is the one near dohles on a full moon with a low tide you will hit it but its all sand there so just so slow other then that sick to your markers an no worrys the pines or yours to enjoy...

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