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    Yamaha Gauge and fuel sender unit

    Hey guys, picked up my second hand baot and the fuel gauge isnít working on the Yamaha speedo, reads empty (1 bar flashing) I have tried to test the sender it gives an open circuit reading with the multi meter and is getting 12v to it, however I have removed the sending wire which still reads empty, then bridged it out with the earth and still reads empty, Iím thinking my sender unit is buggerd and either my gauge isnít working as well or its wired incorrectly. Itís a center Console and one of the wires did disconnect.

    Can anyone please shed some light on this please and if possible let me know which wires should be connected where to double check it? Oh and gauge is a standard round speedo with fuel and speed.


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    Re: Yamaha Gauge and fuel sender unit

    I had a similar problem,
    I found the signal wire was corroded, so I ran a new wire and cut it in a few inches from the gauge, I think there was a terminal connector there anyway, a pink wire I think it is. I did cut it back to fresh/clean wire which was over a meter, hence why I replaced it. But to confirm, I ran the wire loose on the floor to the gauge before running it properly.
    hope this helps.

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    Re: Yamaha Gauge and fuel sender unit

    Locate the fuel sending unit. This is often accessed through a deckplate placed over the after end of the tank. What you will see is a small, round plate fastened to the tank with five screws and with two wires connected to it.
    Step 2
    Identify the sender( Pink is the ABYC-designated wire color for the conductor leading from sender to fuel gauge) conductor. It should be attached to the center of the sending unit.
    Step 3
    Identify the ground conductor. In most cases this will be black.
    Step 4
    Turn the ignition key to on, or otherwise energize your gauge panel so that the fuel gauge is operable.
    Step 5
    Using the barrel of a screwdriver or a jumper wire, connect ( "jump") the sender's connection to the ground connection. Now, have your helper read the gauge for you. If you used a jumper wire, you can leave it in place and go read the gauge yourself.
    Step 6
    If after " grounding out" the sender the gauge reads Full, then the problem is with the sender; if the gauge does not respond then the problem is with the gauge. If the problem is with the gauge or its wiring, start by performing a continuity check of the gauge wiring.

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    Re: Yamaha Gauge and fuel sender unit

    Sounds like your gauge is toast

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    Re: Yamaha Gauge and fuel sender unit

    mine hasnt worked for a couple of years, i have a 60 litre underfloor tank, and just fill up after going out

    being 4 stroke age of fuel is not as important as 2 stroke

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    Re: Yamaha Gauge and fuel sender unit

    Hey guys thanks for your responses, I have since worked out the sender is completely buggered, Iíll be getting a new one, the stores posted above are an ok guide but they fail to mention the gauge wonít change straight away on digital gauges, I only found this out after talking to a mate, if you turn it off then bridge it, turn it back on it should read full, disconnect than watch it slowly fall.

    Iíll be replacing the sender in a few days if it doesnít fix it Iíll update you.

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    Re: Yamaha Gauge and fuel sender unit

    How'd this work out for you??

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