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    NSS12 Evo 3 question--minimum requirements

    Just a little info needed here--if I want to run an NSS12 Evo 3 as a basic sounder /GPS plotter with no bells and whistles I will need
    a) NSS12 MFD ( obviously )
    b) Blue Plug transducer, such as a TM260
    C) GPS module is built in?

    I would only need one of the interface boxes if I wanted the run 3D/Structure Scan/vessel view instead of standard gauges?

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    Re: NSS12 Evo 3 question--minimum requirements

    The 3D structure scan has its own "black box" which connects to the NSS12 evo3 via a ethernet/simnet cable and the engine interface usually connects via an NMEA2000 network ($70 starter kit required). Depending on your installation eg. if you are installing under an alloy hard top, you may need an external GPS antenna which also connects via NMEA2000 network.

    The viewing angles on the evo3 units are incredible, I have a NSS9 evo2 for charting and a NSS12 evo3 for sonar/3D scan and the difference in viewing angle is remarkable.

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