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    Re: Stndard or super fuel pros and cons

    Can you get 91 octane fuel that is ethanol free? All the stuff in the city seems to have it. I have run 95 in boats for that reason alone for a long time.

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    Re: Stndard or super fuel pros and cons

    i use the yellow 91 shell bowser, no ethanol in that!

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    Re: Stndard or super fuel pros and cons

    I think it may have some ethanol in it. Up to 1% before they have to advise I have heard.

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    Re: Stndard or super fuel pros and cons

    hmmm, i could be eating my words!

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    Re: Stndard or super fuel pros and cons

    I used 98 whenever possible and sometimes 95 if i had to in a hpdi and was still faultless when i sold it at 1400hrs, new 4stroke motor was recommended to use 91 by the manufacturers website and now im told by the dealer to use 95. Bottom line is the higher octane fuels are cleaner an more bang for buck in my limited knowledge of fuel science.

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    Re: Stndard or super fuel pros and cons

    The first reply was closest to the mark, ie low compression engines (ie outboards) will not perform better with high octane fuels. Though there is one proviso in that different chemical bonds have different energy content so it is possible if the fuel is a blend which has a higher energy content then your outboard will perform better. Maybe give premium a try and see if you notice a difference.

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    Re: Stndard or super fuel pros and cons

    Quote Originally Posted by fishtragic View Post
    limited knowledge of fuel science.
    At least that part is accurate.

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    Re: Stndard or super fuel pros and cons

    higher octane ratings allow you to advance ignition more for more hp
    in my classic car on 91 I can run 8 degrees of advance, I just replaced the engine with a new race spec engine and am now running 98 I can run 12-13 degrees of advance.

    unless the outboard can detect fuel type and adjust ignition you are gaining nothing performance wise
    you will gain more detergents which can be detrimental to 2 stroke oil in kart engines we had issues with full mineral oils breaking down at 18,000 rpm

    some use ethanol to boost octane racing but with a decreased energy rating hence you burn more for the same distance, some use other volatiles which if left for a few weeks in a boat tanks thats vented to the atmosphere will just evaporate off and your back to 91 or worse

    people can believe what they want but 91 with no ethanol would be what I would use for any outboard rated to run 91 as per the manual

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    Re: Stndard or super fuel pros and cons

    Couple of interesting articles I came across on the topic

    and updated

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    Re: Stndard or super fuel pros and cons

    maybe scottar has never had a problem as it works just fine in little engines, which brings me to my point, racing or drag cars use high octane fuel and guess what they rebuild them all the time not just from high speed and revs but the fuel burns hotter in high octane fuels , so you have to ask yourself, does most smaller outboards need high octane fuel??? i believe in my opinion 91 is just fine and safer for small engines..

    Quote Originally Posted by scottar View Post
    Maybe I am just lucky but in 30 years of boating running all sorts of two stroke engines - premix, old school oil injection and for the last 5 years an E-Tec, I have never experienced any sort of fuel issue running standard grade fuels - even with periods of lay up of 6 months without running any sort of additive. I don't bother topping off tanks after a day out - I refuel the day I am going but sometimes that isn't a lot of fresh fuel going in and at times engines are run on year old fuel on the hose at home. I can see the possible benefits with modern 4 strokes with variable valve timing though.
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