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nice boat

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    2013 150 XS-PRO OPTIMAX are they any good?

    Hi guys, need some opinions.

    I currently have a 1988 26ft Scarab with a 496 MAG HO engine with possibly a stuck head valve, can't afford to fix it at this stage and have it advertised for $20K inc. trailer and a NSS8 networked chartplotter/depthsounder plus 1kw transducer as is.

    A guy has offered to swap his 20ft 1990 EasyRider trailer boat with 2013 (2015 fitted) 150 XS-PRO OPTIMAX done 145 hrs. So it includes the trailer and is all registered but no chartplotter/depthsounder. Obviously it is a much smaller boat but is apparently in a going condition, but I would have to buy another decent chartplotter/depthsounder which would add at least $1500 -3000 minimum to the price.

    So are the 2013 150 XS-PRO OPTIMAX outboard motor overall reliable units or am I about to buy someones else problems, or should I just wait till I am more financial and get the motor repaired, which no doubt will cost several thousand of dollars more but probably the same price as adding the cost of depth/sounder/chartplotter.

    Any opinions?

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    Re: 2015 150 XS-PRO OPTIMAX are they any good?

    Great engine just a bit noisy in comparison with a 4 Stroke. Heaps of power down low and the funny thing when I was looking to change over (mine is a 1999 model 135hp ) they tell me the Merc 4stroke is almost as good on economy as the OPti. Basically lighter, more powerful yet still good economy. Downfall noise and you need oil (maybe 100 bucks a year for me) and the spark plugs are expensive but lasts years.


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    Re: 2015 150 XS-PRO OPTIMAX are they any good?

    Nothing wrong with the Optis this hey are good engines.

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    Re: 2015 150 XS-PRO OPTIMAX are they any good?

    I imagine that it won't anywhere as noisy as the 496 MAG HO. When I used to start that thing up, the whole marina covered their ears, although having said that sound does bounce around in the marina., on the water it was loud but not unbearable. I used to have a 2005 225 Evinrude on a previous Scarab I had so it should be the same if not quieter.

    Anyway discussed the pro's and con's with the missus, and rang him back, the guy is going to bring his boat in the morning to show me and check out mine. He will put the boroscope down the cylinder and if he is happy that it it only a head valve issue he will take me for a spin in his. He did come down a while ago to look at it but the price he offered wasn't right. If there aren't any issues with either boats that we can't resolve then it could be a deal, and I also get to keep the GPS/chartplotter/depth sounder and transducer.

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    Re: 2015 150 XS-PRO OPTIMAX are they any good?

    We made the deal this morning, will exchange boats in the next week or so. Took his for a spin and whilst the Optimax XS-Pro is a bit noisy it certainly isn't as noisy as my V8, will rip out my electronics and fit to the other one when I get it. Just have to get used to a smaller boat, 6ft smaller and 270HP less. At least I should be able to go fishing soon once I customize a few things to suit.

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    Re: 2015 150 XS-PRO OPTIMAX are they any good?

    Well we did the trade and I got it transferred to my name this morning. Turns out it is 18'6" and not the 20' as advertised, but that isn't a problem as I test drove it and I saw how big it was, before I traded so it's no biggie, now I just have to fit all the electronics back into it and get it customized to my liking, get a few things for it such as a masthead light, redo the boat reg letters, put in a bit more seating, safety gear, big battery and those sort of things. At least it shouldn't sink, the guy had installed 2.2cubic meters of poly foam in the hull for positive buoyancy. So maybe a month and I will be fishing again, time to get my fishing gear in order.

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