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    Cruise Ship Terminal Luggage Point

    Well there you have it a bloody great monstrosity in the middle of prime fishing territory. My gut ached when I heard this news.
    Having built a house high on a turkey nest at Rocklea and then made it highset and still it got bloody flooded.
    I wonder how they will fare when the Brisbane River floods again? Everything covered in a very strong eau de cologne of shit.

    My next thought was of them swinging the bloody thing. How long will that take?
    Will we be barred from fishing around there when it is happening?
    Now when I go fishing I will not only check for Tide and Winds but Cruise ship movements as well!

    Will they be doing more dredging and what of the water turbidity around there?

    I pass it over to you guys to say your share.

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    Re: Cruise Ship Terminal Luggage Point

    It looks as though it won't be "in the road" to most boat fisherman, I sense that security around the area will be tighter while the ships are at the terminal or coming and going though.
    The poo chute will remain unaffected from the looks of it.

    Link below has some details and a picture with the proposed site.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Cruise Ship Terminal Luggage Point

    Smells pretty shitty

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    Re: Cruise Ship Terminal Luggage Point

    More structure and new channels.....what are you bitching about?

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    Re: Cruise Ship Terminal Luggage Point

    No different to the cruise ships that berth at the Grain berth.It will be just another terminal. And no different to all the shipping that swing in the river when departing.
    I believe the facts are still to be analysed by yourself. The terminal will be downstream from the PNCUB, Port North Common User Berth ex BP Crude.
    Not a big deal really as i see it as fishing structure is being added. And there is provision for six more wharves from wharf 12.
    As far as the other points go and Dredging no more than is already occuring.for all shipping movements and berth pockets.

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