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    McGinn 15 kg Stroker

    Hey Guys,

    I have picked up this rod in an Estate and cannot find out much about it. It came with some 1967 Penn deep sea overhead reels still in their boxes so not sure of it's age. It is labelled as a McGinn Designer Rod 15kg Stroker. It also has a serial number and is hexagonal in shape. Any information you could give me would be much appreciated. Not sure whether to use it or put it aside as a collector's item.

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    Re: McGinn 15 kg Stroker

    McGinn appeared in the late 80's.
    There was a following for them amongst a select few.
    Sabre, Seeker, CLB and Loomis soon drowned them out.

    Personally i would fish it's life out of it.

    Pretty sure the serial number is the date of manufacture May 25 1997 so it is a very late model of the range I think.

    I recall seeing a cross section of one of them that was 6 tapered T sections glued together forming a semi solid configuration.

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