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    North Pine redclaw

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know if you can still get red claw at this dam?

    I used to head out there many years ago and get plenty from the bank in a few different spots with my old man and was thinking about taking my kids out there to have a go as it was good fun!

    Cannot seem to find a lot of recent info on catching them out there, are they still around or been wiped out over the years..

    I know it was becoming increasingly popular at one stage with certain people and why we ended up giving it away as it became hard to find a spot in certain locations that wasn't taken!

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    Re: North Pine redclaw

    Very few reported in the catch cards at the PRFMA ramp. We are getting plenty of small ones in our shrimp traps so hopefully they will come on this year when it warms up. Bass are going gangbusters on both shrimp and lures atm. Regular catches around 100 on lures and over 200 on live shrimp.I have averaged 150 a trip over last 6 trips using shrimp.

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