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    RV Marine Antifreeze - where to buy

    Hi all,

    So getting my in hull Garmin Transducer installed and the instructions ask for RV Marine Antifreeze. The transducer sits in a plastic tank filled with RV Marine Antifreeze for this particular transducer. Wondering where i can get this in Australia as i cant find it anywhere online.

    Thanks all.

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    Re: RV Marine Antifreeze - where to buy

    It is propylene glycol. You can get 400mls on eBay for about $5. I believe you can also use mineral oil, i.e. baby oil etc. These are suggested instead of water because they wont evapourate, freeze, get mouldy, wont bubble etc.

    It is much more user friendly than ethylene glycol, normal antifreeze, which I believe you can also use. Just check what normal antifreeze will do to the sealant and any handling issues, health or environmental issues you may if using it.

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