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    Borumba Dam QLD Campground Closure 17/10/17

    Mate has just left Borumba yesterday and have advised the following

    The campground at Borumba Dam is closing on 17/10/17 till further notice. The nearest park to the dam will now be Deer Park.

    Seq water put up the lease and Col Hardy ( Who also owns Deer Park and was the previous lessee ) was awarded the tender but has walked away from the new lease because of new conditions in the lease.

    The water treatment plant for the park broke down last year and SEQ Water have been trucking in water from Gympie since then but have said that the new lessee would be liable for this cost in future or would have to install rain water tanks and a collection system to supply them. The cost of carting water is $50,000 per year.

    SEQ water were only notified that the lessee is walking 2 days ago so they are considering their options.

    They do have plans to demolish and replace the 2 existing amenities blocks if the grounds are to reopen.

    SEQ Water are contacting the Gympie Lions group about what can be done so the Mary Valley Lions fishing Classic can still go ahead on the 4th and 5th of November.

    Work is well underway with the extension of the boat ramp with the temporary ramp quite usable for normal cars.

    The dam has been fishing well for bass and yellas on both bait and lures but redclaw non existent.



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    Re: Borumba Dam QLD Campground Closure 17/10/17

    Thank you for the update . We had been up there recently and saw a tender sign still up. It will be a shame if lost- a very popular spot in some beautiful country.



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    Re: Borumba Dam QLD Campground Closure 17/10/17

    Iím going to Borumba in a few weeks time for a few days of fishing, so very disappointed. Hopefully they sort it out ASAP

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