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    Hi all I have just installed a markfish to connect my furuno to my garmin gps (GPSmap 750s). Took boat out on weekend and markfish worked great., only problem is now the little boat icon on my gps is at about 80 degrees to the direction of travel and the trail. Must have done something in the settings when adjusting to allow units to communicate? I run the GPS in north up mode. Any body got some ideas on how to correct that icon to be straight again?

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    Re: Markfish

    That would be annoying! Sorry mate I can't answer your question but looking to connect the same units using a markfish ....... just wondering how easy it was to install and set up?

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    Re: Markfish

    Yep very annoying.
    Pretty easy just don't follow the wiring instruction card supplied with the markfish. email markfish direct and they will send you a wiring diagram specific for you particular combos

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    Re: Markfish

    Just a update for those interested in these things. Rang garmin rep this morning he told me I am about the 3 or4 person he has spoken to recently with this issue after fitting a markfish, Garmin believe its an issue with the markfish unit itself and fitting one could void gps warranty. Naturally they don't endorse the use of a markfish with their gps's. Interestingly I emailed markfish about the boats icon position on the gps since installation a couple of days ago, as yet no response!

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    Re: Markfish

    Keep us updated please mate

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    Re: Markfish

    To deny warranty they would have to prove the markfish caused whatever fault your unit had. It will probably be a sentence structure issue and could be at either end until proved otherwise. First step would be to hook a computer up and read the data coming out of the markfish.
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    Re: Markfish

    I doubt that warranty is an issue with these units, they would have expired probably last year at the very latest. Garmin don't even have exchange units for the 750S any more nor any parts left in Australia. I think it is more of a case that third party electronics have been added and there probably is no one there with the knowledge to sort it out.

    I've had several occasions to use Garmin support as I have (had) 2 750s units, the most recent being this week and each time they have been very helpful.

    Kev, who did you speak to, was it it their office at Seven Hills, nsw.

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