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    First chop deep drop

    Hi all

    i went out of the seaway on Sunday with my mate Clint, for our first go at deep drop fishing.

    We headed out to a mark we were given in 280m
    have a dozen drops before we managed to get everything right, and avoided the green eyes, and we loaded up with some good weight. About 100m up from the bottom, we lost the lot. Investigation found the top crimp on the premise rig failed.

    Re rigged, including recrimping everything on the new rig, any down we went again. Immediately loaded up, this time a nice bar cod surfaced. Smiles all round.

    Re baited, and dropped again, loaded up quickly again, and we hit the retrieve button. Half way up, Clints brand new reel went blank, and gave up. So hand winding it was. A couple of sub outs, and a bigger cod was in the ice box.

    Thehe dead reel called for the end of the deep, so we stopped at few shallow spots I he way home for only a few tailor.

    Very happy with with the first trip, to say we learnt a lot is an understatement.
    The reel was a downer, but I'm sure warranty will come in to play.

    So now I'm in the market for an electric, what should I go for?
    might steer clear of the CX-4 for obvious reasons.

    Thanks for advice.

    PS- fish went 10 and 14kg.
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    Re: First chop deep drop

    Well done Rob, good effort for your first crack!

    How do you like the taste of the cod?


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    Re: First chop deep drop

    Hi Jim

    only had one meal thus far, and the missus over cooked it big time. I think the firmer flesh through her.
    Taste was fair, but over cooked fish has its limits.

    A mate fan fried some in garlic butter this week, rated it highly.

    How do you rate it mate? I

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