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    Women's Offshore Combo Recommendations


    Christmas is fast approaching, and I am wanting to buy the missus her very own offshore combo mainly for reef fishing. She isn't a fan of lures (unless trolling hardbodies for spanish) and prefers just dropping a paternoster down, bottom bashing. Something that could handle a good trout on the end at 40m but isnt too heavy. The only thing that stops her at times is a pre-existing wrist injury and fatigue from holding heavy gear all day (penn 950ss penn 24kg, pflueger 080SW 37kg ugly, TLD25 24kg combos) but she is keen as they come!

    I have seen blokes picking up 10-15kg ugly sticks or carbon or something for their misso, and throwing 50 braid on a 6000-8000 reel, because the girls are less likely to high stick or muscle in a snap, but I am not sure how this has been going on in the long run. Any guidance is appreciated!! Happy to throw a few bucks at it, she isn't as heavy fisted as me, and will looke after it.

    Tight lines!!!

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    Re: Women's Offshore Combo Recommendations

    Look at a Saltist ld30 or 40, very lightweight, Then match it to a gary howard G force rod 15kg or similar

    Very light overall and still has amazing stopping power, High speed reel allows varied use for trolling or bottom bashing or jigging.

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    Re: Women's Offshore Combo Recommendations

    My wife uses a penn spinfisher combo for bottom bashing 120 - 150 ft of water paternoster and 10 to 16oz of lead. 8-10kg rod and 850ssm reel and 50lb braid.
    For tuna to 30kg she uses same reel setup on a 10-15kg rod and a belt bucket, non gimble type. Maybe your wife would find a belt helpful?
    I bought my wife a whiting/flathead combo for mothers day :-)


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    Re: Women's Offshore Combo Recommendations

    Saragosa 8000 with 50lb braid on a Live fibre 6'6" 10-15kg spin rod

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    Re: Women's Offshore Combo Recommendations

    Graphite rod like a

    Nitro Godzilla Spin ( or

    Samurai Elevate 7' 20-30lb (

    with a Saragosa 6000SW, 30lb braid is plenty depending on the structure you are fishing

    Pretty much a graphite rod with a smaller reel. If you're on a budget i'd buy a cheaper rod and a better reel.

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    Re: Women's Offshore Combo Recommendations

    I got my missus a 15-30lb Terez with 30lb braid. Itís light enough for her to use all day and no matter what she hooks she can put as much hurt on a fish as she wants the rod will handle it
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