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Thread: Bremmer River

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    Bremmer River

    Has anyone fished the Bremer River much?

    And if so how does it fish?


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    Re: Bremmer River

    Lots of catfish.
    Bass in the upper reaches if that's more your style.
    It'll pick up a bit in the warmer months and the bull sharks are well worth the effort for a bit of fun.
    Talk to the guys at Charltons, Redbank. They'll point you in the right direction.

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    Re: Bremmer River

    Thanks Finicky. I will be moving to Ipswich for a couple of years and I was hoping that I would still be able to have a little bit of fun once in awhile in the Bremmer.

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    Re: Bremmer River

    Are there mud crabs in the Bremer River?

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    Re: Bremmer River

    As a young kid I lived near the junction of the Bremer and Brisbane rivers and all I ever caught was catfish

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    Re: Bremmer River

    Quote Originally Posted by Louis View Post
    Are there mud crabs in the Bremer River?
    Yeah mate, muddies come up this far. They are common when shark fishing with flesh baits so I stick to live baits now.

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    Re: Bremmer River

    I've caught decent Bass within sight of Riverlink Shopping centre.

    I fish because the little voices in my head tell me to

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