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    Re: 36 volt charging for big Min Kotta

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    Is this the charger in question kc, if so what code are you getting (page 4)?

    Yes. THat is the charger. IT lights up fully when first poered up. Then displays how many volts it is set for (in my case 36) and then after 20 seconds or so boots up and lights up the yellow "aborb" light or when full goes to the green "maintain" light. IN this case the first red lioght just starts to flash.

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    Re: 36 volt charging for big Min Kotta

    Giving the 3 flash error. voltage too high or too low.

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    Re: 36 volt charging for big Min Kotta

    can you measure the voltage when it's giving the error with a multimeter? what is it?

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    Re: 36 volt charging for big Min Kotta

    for the money u are shelling out with solutions and or/ getting this expensive charger fixed why dont u pay for 1 hours labour at the local elctronics guy down at abel point. they would have some gun marine electronics guys there and for the 80 - $100 it would cost u would be worth it..

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    Re: 36 volt charging for big Min Kotta

    id be going back to the charger seller. they will have technical support hotline and the expertise to fix. give em a call. if u grey imported, ring via skype (add money so can dial any number..quite cheap)

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    Re: 36 volt charging for big Min Kotta

    Just out of interest kc, does the anderson connector for the battery charger have heat shrink on the pins to cover the join where the wire connects in. Found out the hard way due to a habit of mine (trying to seal electrical connections) that a single layer of dual wall heatshrink is all it takes for a 50 amp anderson connector to not make contact properly - in my case at all, if you extend it too far down the pin. Had me cursing my new 12 volt travel oven thinking it was faulty until I broke out the multimeter.
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    Re: 36 volt charging for big Min Kotta

    Just to level the playing field, are you connecting it up in the correct sequence?
    Top of page 3 in the manual.

    I know "negative last" is a problem so you may have to pull the plug apart and insert the pins one at a time into the socket on the charger leads if that is even possible. I'm unfamiliar with the Anderson gizzards.

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    Re: 36 volt charging for big Min Kotta

    Nice happy ending. Despite testing up OK in the shop when charging a 36 volt system the dealer and company 9Matson) replaced the charger yesterday with a new one...which worked straight away when plugged into my battery bank via the usual connection. Great service. I know the local dealer is selling more and more of these chargers as more of the local reef boats go with the big 36 volt electric motors and they remain the easy option. Having to disconnect each battery and charge at 12 volts is possible but very inconvenient as batteries are often hard to get at.

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    Re: 36 volt charging for big Min Kotta

    Well done matson and local dealer.

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