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    Re: Outboard vibration through boat??

    In answer to the above - have removed all extra bits from the boat and will go for a lap before the first service in two weeks and let the dealer take a look.
    Unfortunately, at this early stage I think they will get a little suss if they get the motor in and I've been removing props and mucking around, so at least they will get to see it as I have found it initially. There's not a single flake of paint off the engine or prop as yet, so if anything, could only be a balance issue and I'd love them to see it that way. Still surprised that SOLAS tends to think that Suzi props are just mickey mouse and that they couldn't better. Good thing I guess!!

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    Re: Outboard vibration through boat??

    looking forward to some answers for this problem seb as i just replaced my yam 60 with a second hand suzuki 80 and on the first trip was wondering why the motor wasn't as smooth as the yamaha and also seemed to have a bit of a howl to it as well as vibration ,the motor only has 12 hrs on it and like you was looking for the cause in the boat .
    a transom plate was added whereas the yamaha was bolted direct to the transom but thats the only change.

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    Re: Outboard vibration through boat??

    So it's not just me eh?? No worries - will update when I find out more. I was enjoying the overall smoothness and worrying about run-in revs etc for a while before I actually noticed the buzzing and you know how it is...then you notice it more and more!! Anyhow, still a beautiful donk, but we'll see....

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    Re: Outboard vibration through boat??

    might have to get on the Suzuki forum mate , as they talk mainly about Suzuki's

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