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    Inskip adventure

    Hi all,

    Just a share of a happy moment with the lad's first LT tuna at Inskip. We went up camping for five nights- first two days the weather was kind then it went a little pear shape with some strong ish winds kicking in.

    First morning we set off and within a short distance( near the Bluffs- southern end Fraser) came across some LT s. Bryce threw a Storm So Run lure ( one of his favourites) at a slight disturbance in close to shore with a quick hook up. It took about 15- 20 minutes- we took things a little easy at ties not wanting to pull hooks. Rod / reel -venom 15-25 lb spin , gosa 5000- 25 lb braid - 30 lb leader.

    Fish in the boat - a LT 94 cm 9 kg and a very happy lad/ duo. Bryce very happy- one more of the wish list- . Fish kept- one nice lunch- pan seared salt, peppered portions in olive oil and lemon.

    The wind kicked in shortly after- many days 20 ish knots- white caps. Bryce had some good sessions, walking the flats/ drop offs on the low tides or near- casting to flathead- with SP s and small hard bodies.A few fish each session - up to the late 50 cms ( all released) and a few stories of bust offs and dropped fish

    Fraser was pretty busy at times - judging from the vehicle cues on the beach so too was the camping grounds at Inskip.



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    Re: Inskip adventure

    Great report, those LTís go pretty hard!

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