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    will a spin reel work on an alvey rod

    Gday all, as the title says will a suitable spinning reel work fine on a 12 foot alvey beach rod? I have a spare spinning reel that seems to fit the rod but not sure if the alvey rods are designed for just alvey reels . I dont do much beach fishing at all so will be a while before I could try it out but if it is not a good idea then will end up selling the gear and get another rod and spin reel to suit for the next time we head out to do some beach fishing.
    Thanks Steven

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    Re: will a spin reel work on an alvey rod

    Steven, it will work but spin rods usually have a longer but section. I got a wooden but, shortened it and with a linisher tapered it till it fit then glud it in. The other thing is that the alvey rods have a larger choke runner (the first one) and there is a possibility of you getting more wind knots than usual but I found with mono there isn't much difference however braid seemed worse. All in all it is whether you really like that rod or sell it and get another, these days the are so much lighter than ghe older rods.

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    Re: will a spin reel work on an alvey rod

    Yep - all comes down to whether it feels comfortable to you with the (typically) lower position of the reel seat.
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    Re: will a spin reel work on an alvey rod

    thanks, I most likely will get a new spinning reel and rod to suit when the time comes, the guides for the alvey look lot larger then I would expect for a spin reel.and not sure if it would feel right in general, probably best to do it right. Thanks

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