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    Shag Rock off North Stradbroke...any good?

    I was out at Shag Rock off North Straddie about 10 years ago with a mate and we had a fantastic day fishing and I want to head out there again as I have recently discovered JetSki fishing. I can't seem to find any recent info on the location though. Any information on how this is as a fishing location? Anyone been there lately and had any success? Any information would be appreciated.


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    Re: Shag Rock off North Stradbroke...any good?

    we don't talk to jet ski fishos

    lol just kidding

    no idea mate

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    Re: Shag Rock off North Stradbroke...any good?

    Haven't fished shag in years - bigger boats - greener grass and all that but it used to regularly produce a few snappery squire if we were there before the sun got it's head over the horizon - even the odd bigger fish. Best we managed was 9kg. Unweighted pillies and light lines were the order of the day. Take a bit of wire with you as well - light gauge 7 strand. If you start getting clipped off there are most likely a few spotties around. Have even seen free swimming wahoo there on occasions. The other thing that used to get around shag was some scary sized long tom - like 4-5 feet scary - haven't seen them in a long while though. Be fun to watch you wrangle one of them on a ski.
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    Re: Shag Rock off North Stradbroke...any good?

    Cheers - I'll have a crack next week hopefully if the wind dies down

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