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    Lowrance HDS Gen 3 sonar problems?

    Hello everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and has a fix.

    Since updating my HDS Gen 3 to the latest firmware on my last trip the sonar would just stop and it actually displayed "stopped" on the bottom of the screen. I had to go into the menu and press stop to get it going again. Not long after it would stop again. This has never happened before. I checked all the plugs and they were all connected properly. I turned the unit off then on again and still the same problem.

    Any my help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Lowrance HDS Gen 3 sonar problems?

    There was someone on facebook had issues (different though) after the latest update as well. It could be buggy. Wouldn't be the first time. Did you do a full reset after updating? Make sure you back up first.
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    Re: Lowrance HDS Gen 3 sonar problems?

    Wait a week, look out for another update. The doc will make no mention but hey presto your problem will go away. Happens with Apple all the time.

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    Re: Lowrance HDS Gen 3 sonar problems?

    Should be able to roll back

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    Re: Lowrance HDS Gen 3 sonar problems?

    Call lowrance support, they are very good, if it's a bug in the update they'll get it fixed pretty quickly

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    Re: Lowrance HDS Gen 3 sonar problems?

    Thanks for the replies.
    I have contacted Lowrance with the problem and waiting for them to get back to me.

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