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    Anyone tried rainbow escape charters?

    I am just wondering if anyone here has ever been on a charter called rainbow escape charters that operate a trailerable cat out of rainbow beach? They have some really good reviews on Facebook ect but I just thought I would ask here as well.

    A couple of weeks ago I booked a private charter with one of the other operators up there and to be honest I wasn't super impressed. My problem was not with the quantity of fish, anyone can have a good or bad day and I completely understand that. I just thought the crew seemed a bit disinterested/bored and as I am a regular charter customer I thought I would ask around before making another booking.

    So with the above statement in mind can anyone offer any opinions of the overall crew/boat quality on rainbow escape charters?

    Or perhaps recommend another good boat that is within a days drive of Brisbane e.g 1770/Bundaberg ect.

    Thanks for your help


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    Re: Anyone tried rainbow escape charters?

    They are awesome mate. Dave will not be disinterested and will put you onto the fish. You might find that he is pretty booked up though.

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    Re: Anyone tried rainbow escape charters?

    Also went on another charter up there and wasn't very impressed and have heard nothing but good things about rainbow escape charters and in hindsight wished we gave them a crack instead.
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    Re: Anyone tried rainbow escape charters?

    Hey mate.
    I have done an extreme trip with him.
    We had a great time.
    He does some big miles and the results speak for themselves.
    On our trip, Dave seemed to have had a well practiced day set out.
    We didn't ask to do anything outside of his plan, perhaps next time we might request to do things a little differently, but in saying that, not a bad word about the trip. We were there for a big day of fishing, and a big day on the beers, and got both.
    i will do his trip again.

    also, one of the coolest tow rigs I have seen.


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    Re: Anyone tried rainbow escape charters?

    Yep, very committed operator, highly recommended
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    Re: Anyone tried rainbow escape charters?

    His father was a pro for years up there, he does what you want, ie jigging for ajs etc, but it's fishing, he's had a couple of not so good trips but that's fishing.
    He goes quite far north if weather is fine which is good as it's not that highly fished, however in saying that we had a 5mtr tinnie fly past us in an area one would think there was no way you'd see that boat, but it was calm hence why we were there.

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    Re: Anyone tried rainbow escape charters?

    I have been out with him a couple of times now everything the guys above have said is spot on.

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