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Thread: Diesel quality

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    Re: Diesel quality

    It's interesting isn't it. The penny dropped for us after our car was intermittently running rough and a friend mentioned he didn't use the servo up the road anymore because their car ran rough every time they filled there (quite a few years ago now). Aha, that's it, use brand name, no more issues. Then read comment from people in the know about how the fuel is all the same. So, start filling the ranger at a high turnover independent last year and same thing, change and all good. Just a coincidence i guess? Maybe some unrelated issue that went away after changing brands. The correlation was close enough for me to take note, but if it's wide spread many more people than just me would have an issue.

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    Re: Diesel quality

    It is normally water contamination from servos that causes the problems, seldom "dirt".
    Water destroys filters by closing the holes for the fuel to pass through.
    Any brand and any grade of fuel gets water in the underground tanks, none are impervious to it.

    Comes down to which servos best manage that issue rather than any brand or grade.

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    Re: Diesel quality

    I have a rodeo xtra cab 4x4 2.8turbo has 560.000 ks on it..i get 5/8% better range with bp fuel...always its my work vehicle and tows my boat//I do a lot of kms..I have tried other brands and always go back to bp for better performance/less smoke and soot/more kms per tank...rick

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