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    Re: NMEA 2000 power - switched or not?

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    I have no physical fuel gauge as such, and rely on fuel used and fuel in/out for a 210L tank so..Is the digital gauge for 2017 DF140A 'fuel used' accurate? And, I have just fitted NMEA 2000 kit to Suzuki gauge and Garmin 95sv. Does the sounder just display what the gauge does, or is it receiving info from engine management itself? I haven't taken her out since I fitted the kit, so I guess I will find eventually lol. Thank-you.
    Yes the fuel used from the 2017 Suzuki digital gauge is very accurate. So much so that there is not even any option to calibrate it.

    With the network established, the data will be shared from the Suzuki to the Garmin, so what you see on the Garmin will match what the Suzuki gauge says. When you do the refuel process on the Suzuki, it resets the data that is shared with the network so the data on the Garmin will always be the same as the Suzuki gauge.

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    Re: NMEA 2000 power - switched or not?

    Moonlighter, Sorry for the delay. We had some windy weeks and couldn't get out. The Garmin unit was pretty much as you said. The weird thing is now, the Suzuki gauge, while displaying the GPS co-ordinates (showing that link between Garmin and Multi-function gauge is true), fails to show instant or average fuel consumption. The Garmin unit seems to display everything fine. Not sure what I have/haven't done here. The user manual doesn't show any setting peripherals or options in relation to this. Anyone here have any experience with this? Cheers!

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