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    Off shore with an ipilot

    Hi all hoping someone is doing this and has a good option.
    I have a 6 m alloy cat weighs about 1800 kegs and the water line is 1200 from the bow I'm thinking of installing an ipilot but was thinking would an 80 lbs kota hold on bait or as a substitute for an anchor for about 5/6 hours?
    Is anyone using one on a boat this big ?
    Feed back would be great.

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    Re: Off shore with an ipilot

    I personally would anchor if I was going to expect to be there 5-6 hours! there is a guy near me that has a 23' glass boat and uses one for catching live bait, so I guess it would be OK.

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    Re: Off shore with an ipilot

    You would be best off going for the 36v, we have a 80lb on a 6metre plate boat and will go a good 8-11 hours on spotlock depending on wind current.

    So they will go the difference and are a great investment! You can anchor and move around the reef without the hassle of pulling lines and re setting anchors.

    I have heard of of people putting minn Kotas on cats but never seen or talked to someone personally on how effective they are as I would imagine they are much harder to turn the nose etc.

    Cheers Dan

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    Re: Off shore with an ipilot

    Go for a 36V Lithium (LiFePO4) battery setup and you'll triple the time out on the water. You could probably go all weekend without a charge and save a heap of weight. Mat.

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    Re: Off shore with an ipilot

    I had a 80lb 60 inch on a 5.3 Borger cat. It was only any good in calm water. Cats toss their nose up a lot in choppy water and it caused it to cavitate. A 72inch would be great but they only did them in 36v, and i didn't want to weigh the nose down with the 3 batteries. BLA list a 72 inch/80lb on there website but they don't seem to stock them in Australia yet.

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    Re: Off shore with an ipilot

    Thanks all for the response that gives me something to work with

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    Re: Off shore with an ipilot

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